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Robots4Autism: Stone Lakes Elementary School, Orange County, FL




Orange County Public Schools has turned to a robot to help teach its 3,200 students on the autism spectrum. Milo, as the robot is nicknamed, helps teach 21 students at Stone Lakes Elementary School. Research indicates that autistic students respond better to mechanical reactions.

Teacher Christy Dove said Milo is a helpful tool she can use to connect with her students.

"They don't feel judged by him. They feel like an equal," she said. "There's also the novelty. What student wouldn't want to work with a robot?"

The robot can repeatedly teach simple concepts without becoming frustrated. Dove said the robot uses games to teach students. She said it also engages them in conversation about emotions. Lessons may be recorded so teachers can determine where students need improvement. The robot is also designed to get children moving through dance.

Original article at WFTV.com

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