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Jett’s ready for school: Three lessons from a STEM robot

This week, we sent Jett off to school, and to commemorate the occasion, we’re sharing three lessons you can learn from Jett – a facially expressive, social, humanoid robot who aims to create a visual coding experience for young learners. These…

Computer science rises in popularity as national funding soars

Computer science rises in popularity as national funding soars

STEM: The backbone of the DFW economy

The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) “metroplex” area has been developing into a hub for tech excellence over the last decade, and the best is yet to come. This year Amazon named Dallas to its shortlist of candidates for HQ2, which could potentially bring…

Robots are driving STEM ed to 2026 and beyond

By Dr. Gregory Firn, COO, robots4STEM

To be or not to be: HQ2 and preparing Dallas for a potential STEM game-changer

Three things we learned from Tim Cook’s Recode interview

Earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with Recode’s Kara Swisher to discuss some of the nation’s most urgent issues: job creation and education. We tuned in to hear what one of the most influential CEOs in the world had to say about…

Supreme Court Expands Rights of Special Education Students

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision on March 21, 2017, that schools must do more than provide a “merely more than de minimus” education program for students with disabilities.

THE RULING The decision is the result of a case known…

The education journey: Why educators should focus on the process of learning

By Dr. Gregory Firn, COO

The Game Changing Power of Robotics and Social-Emotional Learning

By: Fred Margolin

Every day, about 100 people are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the United States. Studies indicate that this costs the U.S. over $238 billion per year, with a projection of about $1 trillion annually by 2025.

The Adventure of Writing Curriculum for a Robot

Written By Michelle McFarlin

Milo the robot is inherently fascinating to kids: he looks like a kid, he talks, he makes a wide range of facial expressions, and he even dances. But what gives Milo the potential to change the lives of students with…

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